Gamma+ Active Oxygen 2000 Hair Dryer (Extends the life of Hair Color)

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Longer Lasting Brighter Hair Color Finally, a dryer that doesn’t just dry hair. The Gamma+ Active Oxygen is the only hair dryer in the world that incorporates Active Oxygen emission and Nano Silver technology in order to deliver a revolutionary treatment for healthier hair and longer lasting color.  Activated Oxygen, is utilized across many industries, to eliminate bacteria and reduce odor. Engineered to improve the well-being and beauty of hair, Active Oxygen has extraordinary conditioning and restructuring effects, that dramatically improve the health and appearance of the hair and its cuticle, especially on colored, weak, and fragile hair by bringing a clear improvement to the hair stem exocuticle. Activated Oxygen increases the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes to prevent damage and oxidation for healthier hair and scalp. Nano Silver helps dry hair faster, eliminates electrostatic charge and frizz to bring out hair that is shinier, softer and easier to detangle. Sleek Active Oxygen is equipped with 6 speed and heat settings and a cool-shot button to set styles.  Experience the revitalizing power of the Gamma+ Active Oxygen. Key Features:  ✔ Active oxygen generator protects, enhances and extends hair color  ✔ Silver nano technology reduces frizz and improves shine  ✔ Scientifically tested ✔ Removable filter  ✔ 6 heat/speed settings  ✔ 2 ultra-thin concentrator nozzles  ✔ Cool shot button  ✔ Multi-function USB charger  ✔ 9 ft. cord & 2-year warranty



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